Brian Lara said who is going to be the next Dhoni of the Indian team?


Bangla Hunt Desk: Mahendra Singh Dhoni retired from all forms of cricket on August 15. In other words, Mahendra Singh Dhoni will never be seen in the jersey of the Indian team. In such a situation, there is a lot of speculation about who will be in charge of the Indian team. At that time, the former Caribbean legend revealed who is going to be the worthy successor of Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Brian Lara has said about Sanju Samson who has done a great job in the IPL this time and there is no doubt that he is a great batsman. He is not paying much attention to keeping now to improve his batting. Sanju Samson can handle bowlers very well.

Brian Lara's doctrine in the context of KL Rahul, who has already scored a century in the IPL, is that KL Rahul should not pay too much attention to OK Kipping in order to be a regular member of the Indian team at that level. Now he wants to improve his batting so he is not paying much attention to keeping. But only as a batsman he can score a lot of runs in the Indian team.

There are many differences between Brian Lara's doctrine of Rishabh Panth, the star of Delhi Capitals, Rishabh Panth of a year ago and Rishabh Panth of today. He used to throw his wicket easily but now his game has become a lot. Now he is also keeping a close eye on shot selection and trying to play long innings. If you can maintain continuity in this way, you will become a star in the future.