Britain is reluctant to bring back Indian students to keep the economy afloat, offering tempting offers

Banglahant Desk: If Indian students from Britain want to return to the country, Britain (UK) is in trouble. Britain suffers from fears of blocking the flow of large sums of money from foreign students. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

The Modi government wants to bring back Indian students from Britain

The Indian government is repatriating its own people from various countries amid the crisis of corona virus (COVID-19). This time the Modi government wants to bring back Indian students from Britain. As a result, the British government is now facing serious problems.

Contact your own university at least once before returning to India

Vivian Stone, director of the UK's International University, said: “In this time of crisis, Indian students studying in the UK are worried about money and housing. That's why they want to go back to their families. But I told the students to talk to their university at least once before they left.

British insult to Indian students

In November 2016, the then British Prime Minister said, ‘The UK is going to make some changes to the visa issue from now on. At the same time, those Indians who have no right to stay here have to return to their country. We want to increase the number of Indians returning. “

Britain reluctant to return Indian students due to corona

Although previously abused Indian students, the British government is now trying to prevent them from returning due to the corona virus. They can now feel the influence of Indians in the British economy. In addition to India, Britain earns a lot of money by providing advanced technology education to many students from Canada, China, Australia and the United States.

Tuition fees paid by international students are much higher than those offered by intermediate students. The number of students in the United States is the highest among these foreign students. Then there are students from UK, China, Canada, Australia.

Corona virus has now affected these universities in Britain. Between June and July, Indian students will be able to try to study in other countries. As a result, tuition fees from foreign students will go down. As a result, a large number of people are facing unemployment in Britain.