Britain is up in arms over showing cartoons of the Prophet at school

Bangla Hunt Desk: Earlier this week, teachers at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire showed pictures of the Prophet Muhammad during a class, after which protests began outside the school. The teacher has been dismissed in the case and is under investigation. The headmaster also apologized unconditionally.

A spokesman for the education department said: “Threats or intimidation of teachers are never acceptable. When a problem arises, we discuss it between the parent and the school. However, we have seen a lot in this regard, including violations and threats to prevent coronavirus infection, which is unacceptable and should be eradicated. ”

The spokesman said schools are free to include a wide range of topics, ideas and materials in their curricula, including challenging and controversial ones. However, in order to increase respect and tolerance among people of different faiths and religions, they should balance it and the rule that any kind of material can be included in the classroom should also be included in the rules.

Department officials said they were in contact with the school and local authorities after a video of a slogan taken by a crowd in front of the school spread on social media. The cartoon is believed to be from the French magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and was shown to students in a religious study class on Monday. Local British Muslim groups have also appealed for peace.