Britain trembled in fear of aliens, all flight routes were changed!

Bangla Hunt Desk: In the city of Coventry in Britain, there has been an uproar over the alien invasion. Not only that, all the routes given to that city have been changed. Then the Internet began to debate the mysterious UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) seen in the sky over the city of Coventry.

In the city of Coventry, the fast-moving green-blue light and its connection to the earth caused a stir among the people. Note that this was just a test of a powerful laser light. Quantum Lasers Company was testing this laser. The administration was also warned for this. Although the common man is in a state of panic without knowing the incident. And extreme rumors about aliens spread on the internet.

This experiment by Quant Lasers (Covent Lasers) has shown that green and blue laser lights are moving rapidly towards the sky. The scene was visible from twenty miles away. One person then expressed fears on social media that the city had been attacked by aliens and that the mothership was using such lights to establish a relationship with the earth.

One person wrote on social media, green light is appearing in the sky of Coventry city, isn't it an alien attack with a UFO? In this way, others are worried about this light and rumors spread around.