Broken bathroom windows, false ceilings, luxurious accommodation of Ankush damaged by Amphan


Banglahant Desk: The people of the state were already in a state of panic. His accomplice is the terrible cyclone Amphan. Residents of West Bengal have witnessed the violence in Amfan since Wednesday afternoon. The amount of damage is unimaginable. The condition of raw houses is not good. Thousands of people have been displaced. Lots of trees have been uprooted. Electricity and water supply in many places are still not normal.
In Khas Kolkata too, Amphan has shown its power in full force. Luxury multi-storey housing was not spared either. The house of Tollywood actor Ankush Hazra has been damaged. Water has entered the middle of the house due to the storm. Broken bathroom windows, false ceiling.

Ankush took a picture of the situation and shared it on his social media handle. He wrote in the caption, ‘Cyclone or earthquake? The condition of our bathroom..the window is broken, the false ceiling is falling. The floor of the house is filled with water. People like us can handle this situation too. But what will happen to the poor and helpless people .. we all stand by them. '

Many people have commented on Anukush's post. Everyone is shocked to see this situation. Swastika Dutt, the actress of the popular serial Zee Bangla, wrote that she still can't forget the horrible memories of Amfan. Anukush also shared a video of the storm and told everyone to be careful.

Incidentally, Indrila has been stuck at Ankush's house for the last two months, i.e. since the beginning of the lockdown. He was at home with his mother on the day the lockdown was announced. Anukush's parents stopped him even though he promised to return. Anukush and Andrila were also together during the Amphan on Wednesday.