Bush's futuristic message made 3 years ago is true, America is in danger today for not paying attention

BanglaHunt Desk: The malaria virus Corona virus (COVID-19) has spread widely in the United States. There are increasing numbers of Corona victims and dead jumping. Already in America, the number of coronary attacks has exceeded 1 million and the death toll is around 3,000. In this situation, a statement from former US President George W. Bush was circulated on social media. At 25, he said, “There may be an American pandemic attack next time.” He has to be careful. '

The US government did not take this future statement of former US President Bush seriously. His fruits are now suffering. The deadly virus causes the coroner to die in the United States. And within a short time, America will be exterminating all the countries of the world from the dead.

About 5 years ago today, in the 21st, former US President Bush said, “There is no possibility of an epidemic in our country at this time. But waiting for the epidemic virus to arrive, it will be too late to get rid of it. Scientists and doctors cannot say right now when the next pandemic will come, when and how. And it is not possible to say now how terrible it will be. But there will come a time in the future when our country will face a terrible epidemic. This kind of epidemic is like burning a fire in a forest. If you do not prepare in advance, it will take a long time to overcome that situation. '

Between 20 and 2021, almost three years have passed in the middle. The United States faced the first severe pandemic disease for the last 3 years. But no country knows the exact way to prevent the spread of the disease. All countries are in the same panic. Bush's futuristic message, made three years ago, is now coming true. The entire United States, including New York, is now in a state of horror. So the question now arises why Bush's prophetic statement made 5 years ago was not taken seriously.

When Bush spoke about the future epidemic three years ago, Dr. Anthony was also present at the American Institute he was addressing. But at present, it is the doctor who is responsible for how he can be protected from the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Bush said at the time, “My countrymen need to be prepared in such a way that we can stand beside other countries in case of an epidemic.” That is why we have to store enough drugs. And have to prepare medicines too. ' In addition to Bush, Barack Obama also warned of the outbreak. Even the US military knew of the epidemic. But they also took no preventive measures. The evidence suggests that prominent American people were not even alarmed at the possibility of the virus.

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