Business Bajimat: India is ahead of Russia in wheat exports

Banglahant Desk: After the Foreign Exchange Reserve, this time India is rushing ahead in the wheat market by beating Russia. The whole world depends on rice and wheat. In addition to wheat bread and lentils, a variety of foods are prepared.

Meanwhile, China is the largest producer of rice and India is the second largest producer. But China uses all the rice produced in its own country. Meanwhile, rice produced in India can be exported even if it is kept for itself. And India is in the first place in this rice week.

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On the other hand, China is the largest producer of wheat, followed by India and Russia. Like rice, China uses its own wheat. But in this regard, India cannot export the maximum amount of wheat to the outside world. Russia is in the first place in this regard.

MSPs cause a lot of wheat loss in India every year. But this time the opposite was seen in Corona. India has come a long way in the list of wheat exporting countries. According to news sources, between April and December 2020, India was able to export wheat worth Tk 160 crore as compared to last year.

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Due to the Corona weather, the Russian government has imposed various tariffs on wheat exports. As a result, most of Russia’s wheat remains there, in need of food for the Russians. With this opportunity, India is slowly moving towards Russia. Many countries in the world are now in crisis and are leaving Russia and taking wheat from India. If this continues, India will soon lose to Russia and become the first country to export wheat.