By becoming an angel, a person saved the life of a sparrow, gave life with a few drops of water


देवदूत बनकर शख्स बचाई गौरेया की जान, पानी की चंद बूंदों से दिया जीवनदान

Bird’s life saved by showing humanity Image Credit source: Twitter/ @Lap_surgeon

We all must have heard that giving water to someone is a very virtuous act, although people have only heard these things, but there will be only a few people in this world. If seen in the true sense, then due to such people, humanity is decreasing from the earth… but it is not that all people are like this, many people do not give up their humanity even in this Kalyug and because of such people, humanity has survived. . The video of one such person is becoming increasingly viral these days.

The scorching heat is breaking all the records this year. Everywhere you look, the condition of the people is getting worse due to the increasing heat. Whether human, whether animal, everyone is getting restless. In such a situation, humans have many ways to keep themselves cool and quench their thirst, but animals and birds have no other way. For this reason it is seen many times that birds die due to thirst. In such a situation, we and you only have to be their support. Water will have to be arranged for them. Now watch this video itself where a person has given life again to a sparrow suffering from thirst.

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watch video here

In this video going viral, you can see that a bird has fallen on the ground after becoming unconscious from the heat. Seeing her at first glance, it seemed that she would not be able to survive now. In such a situation, a person takes out a bottle of water and pours it on the sparrow and then makes it drink. As if a few drops of water worked as nectar for her and she woke up again. If seen in the true sense, the person has saved the life of a sparrow by setting an example of humanity.

This video has been shared on Twitter by an account named @Lap_surgeon. Till the time of writing this news, more than 20 thousand people have seen it. Social media users were also very happy to see kindness towards animals. Everyone appreciated a lot. Those who help by coming suddenly in times of need are no less than angels.

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