By burning the lamp of ghee, you will find sun worship, strength and courage in the red seat


BanglaHunt Desk: Surya Deb is one of the major deities of Hinduism. He is the son of Kashyap and Aditi. According to some myths he is the son of Indra. No god can be seen face to face with an empty eye, but we can see the sun god when we look at the sky. The sun god is powerful and possesses immense power. The hair and arms of the sun are said to be gold. He rode in the sky in a chariot of seven. That is, there are seven horses in his chariot traveling in the sky. The horses in his chariot are of seven different colors, which are the symbols of the seven colors of the rainbow. Sunday is a holiday but for the sun god.

According to the Puranas, it is said that the father of Saturn is the sun. And with this he is also the father of Yomraj and Yamuna Devi. But once he was given the sight of Surya Devi who was staying in the sun. However, according to the Hindu, Sun is worshiped as a god of good fortune and prosperity. Surya is also considered as the source of all energy.

The name of the sun is the mantra: “Ong disgusting sun bow.”

Surya Vedic Mantra – “Ong Attractive Rosa Ritual Current
Hiranyana Sabita Rath Dev Passenger Bhubani Pashion ”.

The mantra of Surya Devotional is the Surya Puram mantra – “O Jabakusumshankshang Kashyapayong Mahadyutam. Decision-making omnipresence is pratahamsi dayakaram. “

The meditation mantra of Surya Deva is: “He is the blood-stained gum-gai-sindhung, bhanung sabha jagatamdhipang bhagami.
Padmaavayabharan Bhanga Bajajai – NuclearMaulirunamrungaruching Trinitaram. “

On the dry side, the mantra of Suryadeva is to start chanting. One should sit in the red seat while chanting mantra. During the puja, the ghee lamp is lit. But first after worshiping Guru, Ganesh, Vishnu, Shiva, you need to chant the sun mantra. If you worship Surya in this way, the gods will be pleased with you. After bathing, the sun is worshiped in clean cloth. In a heartfelt call to Surya, the deity hears the call of his devotees. And is free from physical and mental distress.

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