By doing this business with cow dung, you can also receive the grace of Mother Lakshi


BanglaHunt Desk: The Modi government has brought a wonderful scheme for new entrepreneurs. This time the loan will get a lot less interest. But do business which will be fancy at the same time, the profit will be enough. Learn about such a business

Did you know that with dung you can make big money in very few ways? With dung, vegetable dyes and paper can be made at a very small cost. Contextually, only 7 percent of the ingredients made from dung are made. The remaining 93 percent can be easily used to create vegetable pigments. Export does not reduce the amount of income.

If you want to do business without having to go through some process, then it is possible that those involved in this business are also. Dung can be sold at the rate of Tk 5 per kilo. Besides, dung made by dung is also sold in the village. In all the regions of India where LPG has not yet been reached, there is plenty of fuel consumption as a fuel.

Different types of business can be done with cow dung. Want to create a vegetable dye between them or. If you are thinking of starting a paper-making business from dung, you can seek the help of its government. The government is lending to start its business. To start a paper making plant with cow dung, it will cost Tk 5 lakh. With this you can create and sell 1 million paper bags per month which will give you financial prosperity.

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