By killing the rights of the elderly, the government earned 2242 crores, this is how railways is earning a lot!


बुजुर्गों का हक मारकर सरकार ने कमा डाले 2242 करोड़, रेलवे ऐसे कर रहा भरपूर कमाई!

Railways has earned an extra Rs 2,242 crore from the old people of the country.Image Credit source: TV9 Network

In the tenure of Modi government, Indian Railways is touching new heights by running trains like Vande Bharat Express. At the same time, in the last two years, he has also earned extra from senior citizens. Between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, Railways has earned Rs 2,242 crore from the elders of the country. Whereas once upon a time the government used to give concession on railway fare to senior citizens.

The government had stopped the concession on fare given to senior citizens in railways during Kovid. This ban was imposed in March 2020 and continues since then. Earlier, as a concession, the Railways used to give 40 percent concession in fare to men and transgenders above 60 years of age and 50 percent to women above 58 years of age. This discount was available for traveling in all classes.

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Revealed in RTI

Madhya Pradesh’s RTI activist Chandra Shekhar Gaur had sought information in this regard from the Railways. Indian Railways told that between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, about 8 crore senior citizens traveled by rail. In this there were about 4.6 crore men, 3.3 crore women and 18,000 transgenders. He did not give any kind of exemption in rent to all of them during this period.

During this period, the total earnings of Railways from senior citizens was Rs 5,062 crore. 2,242 crore is extra in this as it has now stopped giving discount on rent.

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Tremendous earnings in 2020-2022 as well

It was also revealed in the RTI that between March 2020 and March 31, 2022, Railways did not give fare concession to 7.13 crore senior citizens. In this, there were 4.46 crore men, 2.84 crore women and 8,310 crore transgender people. During this period, the income from the elders of the Railways was Rs 3,464 crore. This is Rs 1,500 crore more than what it earns after deducting its rent.

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