CAB sent a letter to BCCI asking for Tk 15 crore.


The Bengal Cricket Association has been receiving a lot of money from the BCCI for a long time. This time, Bengal Cricket Board (CAB) president Abhishek Dalmia and secretary Snehasish Ganguly demanded more than that money.

According to CAB Secretary Snehasish Dalmiya, the BCCI has not paid its dues to the Bengal Cricket Board for three or four years. Not only the Bengal Cricket Association but several other organizations affiliated with the BCCI are not being paid properly. Sometimes only a small amount of money is being used to run the work. And for that reason, a letter has been sent to the BCCI asking for the money due this time. After receiving the letter, the BCCI asked for an account of the money. CAB has sent the utilization certificate on its basis. The CAB has said that if the arrears are not paid within ten days, a stricter letter will be sent to the BCCI.

Due to non-receipt of arrears from BCCI, CAB is not able to pay their approved clubs and Bengal cricketers properly. And that is why the CAB officials sent a letter to the BCCI asking for the money due. CAB secretary Abhishek Dalmia said the CAB would start paying the arrears as soon as the BCCI paid them.