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Call recording Kaise Karen: Today we will tell you that Call record kaise karen If you also want to get information about Android Phone Me Call Recording Kaise Kare, then you are reading the right post. Through this post, you How to turn on call recording Will give full information

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Nowadays, there are also such features in mobile through which we can record calls while talking on the phone. Meaning what we talked to the person in front of us Mobile call recording Can do And you can also listen to this recording later. There are many apps with the help of which we can record the call.

You get this facility in Android Phone. In Android Phone, you also get a call recording feature. There can be many reasons for recording the call, sometimes we want to save many important things with us. Because of this also we need to record.

So come on guys know now Call recording Kaise Kare If you also want to record a call. So this post Auto call record kaise karte hain Must read from beginning to end. That’s why you How to do call recording You will be able to get information well.

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Call recording Kaise Karen

Tell you further Android Phone Me Call Recording Kaise Kare For this, you follow the steps given below:

First of all go to the dial pad of your phone. And call someone’s mobile number. Or Receive any Incoming Call.

After dialing the mobile number, you will see some such (⋮) 3 Dot in the top of the screen, click on it.

In it you will see the option of Start Recording. Click on it. Now your call record will start. After recording the phone call, this recording will be saved in your Sd Card or Default Manager.

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Samsung Mobile Me Call Record Kaise Kare

There are many automatic call recording apps available for Android Phone. With the help of which you can record calls in other Android phones with Samsung as well. So let’s know Automatic Call Record Kaise Kare with the help of these apps:

You can record any incoming and outgoing calls with the help of these apps. And we will also be able to save the recording. But old Call Record Automatic Delete gets done in this app. If there is any important call recording then you can also mark it. So that it will not be Auto Delete.

This app also provides very good features of Call Recording. This is a very good feature for Call Recording. In this, you also get the facility of Cloud Account. In this app, you can do Automatic Call Record. Also, you will be able to save to Google Drive like Automatic Cloud Account.

  • Call Recorder – Automatic

It provides a very good Pro Feature. In this, you can share Recording to anyone with Share Option with Manual & Auto Call Recording Option. And you will also be able to lock the recording through a PIN. So that nobody other than you can play that recording.

Samsung Mobile Me Video Call Record Kaise Kare

Follow the steps given below to record video call in Samsung Mobile. With which you can record video call in your Samsung mobile.

  1. Go To Home Screen First of all, go to your phone’s home screen and click on the phone’s option.
  2. Click Menu Icon – Now click on the Icon of the menu after this.
  3. Click Setting Option – In the Option of Menu, you will see the option of Setting. Click on the call in it.
  4. Turn On / Off – And now you can turn Video Calling Slider on / off in it. And you can use it.
  5. Click ok button – Then click on Ok.

Jio Phone Me Call Record Kaise Karte Hain

Now further tell you that Jio Phone Call Recording Kaise Kare, for this we are telling you about an App. With the help of which you will be able to record the call in Jio Phone:

  1. Download App First of all, download this App Call Recorder for Jio 4g Voice in your mobile.
  2. Install App – After downloading, install the app now.
  3. Open App – Once the app is installed, open the app. And use it.

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Call Recording Kaise Band Kare (How to Stop Call Recording)

How to delete call recording? So by following these steps, you can easily turn off Call Recording.

  1. Open dialer – First of all go to the Dialer of your phone
  2. Click Option Button – And now click on the Option Button. You will see this Option Button in the Left Side.
  3. Click Setting – Then click on Setting.
  4. Off Recording Option In it, you will see the option of Call Recording, which you can turn off.

Whatsapp Video Call Record Kaise Karen

To record video call on Whatsapp, you have to download a Screen Recording App. With the help of which you can record the video call of your Whatsapp.

First of all download this Du Recorder App in your mobile.

Now open Whatsapp and make a video call to your friend. After calling, turn on the Screen Recorder App on your mobile.

Disconnect the call after completion of the call. And also turn off the Screen Recorder. This recorded video will be saved in your File Manager. You can see the Save File in your mobile gallery. Or you can play in Mx Player.

Whatsapp Call Record Kaise Kare

To record Whatsapp Call, you have to follow the steps given below. In which we are telling you to record Whatsapp Call.

First of all, you have to download this App Call Recorder.

After this, open Whatsapp. And call someone. Do whatever you want to do.

Now open the app as well. You will see some options to record the call.

To record a call, click on the Red Button. Your call will start being recorded as soon as you click on Red Button.

After completing the call, click on the Square Button under Red Button to stop recording. Your recorded files will be saved in your memory card.

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