Calling 'I Love You Ma' caught everyone's heart, this viral video at the moment


BanglaHunt Desk: I have read about dry-shari and sarcastic-sarcastic stories in the story of childhood. They were birds but could speak just as humanly. However, there is no evidence that they actually existed outside the land of fairy tales, but the tiara (parrot), the mu ।a kakatua bird, could be removed to that tribe. They can say the same thing as human beings can hear. There is a scientific explanation behind this. The syrinx, shaped like the larynx of the human body, is in the body of the tiapak. For which they can speak precisely as human beings.

Netizens are surprised to find a video of a tiara that has gone viral in this lockdown market. In a clear voice, 'I love you', the mother called and called the bird. In the video it is shown that a tear is blowing on the head and he is walking around one by one.
This video has now traditionally gone viral on NetDunia. Tika's passionate voice has won the hearts of mother Duck. This video was shared by many.

Earlier, a bakery named 'Bittu' went viral on Netzgate. He had conquered the mind of Saba by saying, “Are you mischievous?”, “Are you not?”

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