Canada gave a tough answer to the Chinese threat, the Jinping government

BanglaHunt Desk: Dispute between Canada and China over the National Security Act issued in Hong Kong. People in Hong Kong have been fleeing to Canada since the law was enacted. But the Chinese government has strongly objected to this.

China-Canada dispute

The Chinese ambassador to Canada has also issued a stern warning to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. According to him, people fleeing Hong Kong to Canada cannot be given shelter there. But even if the Canadian government allows them to stay, the issue would be considered Canadian occupation in China's internal affairs.

Canada responded to China's warning

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has threatened not to be intimidated by China's warning. “Our country is protesting against the violation of the human rights of the Chinese people,” he said. We will always fight for the protection of the human rights of the Chinese people. Whether it's the rights of Uyghur Muslims being violated or a problem in Hong Kong, and opposition to China's diplomatic moves, we will jump in. '

Justin Trudeau added, “Our country will always fight for human rights with Britain, America, Australia, European countries. Protests against human rights violations will continue. It is clear from the words of the Prime Minister of Canada that no country involved in China's debt trap is afraid of China at all. Everyone is ready to retaliate against China's injuries.

China threatened the opposite

China has again shamelessly warned Canada not to listen to this retaliation. Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Zhao Lijian's Remarks on China's Condemnation We will not allow any kind of blame on us to succeed. Canada will be fully responsible for the consequences. “