Car Accessories: Cheap car accessories from Rs 500, will make your journey easier


Car Accessories: 500 रुपये से सस्ती कार एसेसरीज, आपके सफर को बनाएंगी आसान

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Best Car Accessories: India is one of the biggest car market in the world. The number of new car buyers is continuously increasing here. apart from the car car accessories The craze of is also increasing. You will find different range of accessories in the market. Some of these are for show-off and some are very useful. Today we bring you 5 cool accessories that every car should have. Their price is also less than 500 rupees.

If you have a car then buying some accessories will be very beneficial. You do not have to spend much money for these. Let us see the details of those 5 accessories which can be bought for less than Rs.500.

Microfiber Cloth: Microfiber cloth is designed to cover a large area. It is used to clean the car. Dust can be easily cleaned with this. At the same time, a considerable amount of water comes in the microfiber cloth.

Microfiber Cloth Fast Charger For Car Amazon

Microfiber cloth and fast charger. (Credit: Amazon)

Fast Charger: There is often a problem of slow charging in the car. There is only one way to get rid of it. You can use a fast charger for the car. It is very easy to use them. This not only saves time but also ends tension.

Car Perfume: Sometimes one has to face trouble due to bad smell in the car. However, a great car perfume will solve this problem in no time. Bad smell arises in the car due to many reasons. But you can make the car fragrant with car perfume.

car accessories under 500 amazon

Car Perfume, Car Bin and WD-40 Spray. (Credit: Amazon)

Car Bin: Using a small bin in the car will give you a big advantage. You can put small useless things in it. This not only gets rid of unnecessary things but also does not make the car dirty. So use the bin to keep the car clean.

WD-40: WD-40 is an amazing spray, which is used for lubrication. You can use it in almost every vehicle. Nuts and bolts can be loosened by this.

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