Car Care Tips: If you lack in the care of the car, you will get fat, this is how to maintain the car


Car Care Tips: गाड़ी की देखभाल में करेंगे कमी तो लगेगी मोटी चपत, ऐसे करें कार की मेंटेनेंस

Car Care Tips: If you lack in the care of the vehicle, then you will get fat, do the maintenance of the car like this (Photo: unsplash)

As the temperature is getting hot, it becomes necessary to pay more attention to your car. Hot weather affects many parts of your car including tyres, fluids and air conditioning system Are included. In the meantime, keep these things in mind to keep your vehicle in perfect condition. In this, things like reduction in fuel efficiency, breakdown will have to be taken care of. Follow some easy tips for car care in summer.

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Check and Replace Your Windshield Wipers

Maintaining your windshield wipers in perfect condition is always important in the maintenance of your car during the summer season. Due to dust, pollution and sun rays, it becomes difficult to see through. In this case, check it and if needed, get it replaced.

Regular check of air filter is necessary

During the summer months, your car’s air filter plays an important role in preventing harmful pollutants from entering the cabin through the vents. However, a dirty filter can cause a host of problems with your air conditioning system.

check regular tire pressure

Maintaining the right amount of tire pressure is essential for optimal car performance regardless of the weather. Depending on the outside temperature, tires can increase or decrease in pressure every day, making it necessary to keep them properly inflated.

Checking Fluids

When the temperature rises in summer, the engine oil in your car can deteriorate quickly, which increases the risk of engine damage. To prevent this it is important to check the oil level of your engine regularly and keep them topped up with the required oil.

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