Car Care Tips: Increase the mileage of the car in this way, which gear consumes more oil


Car Care Tips: ऐसे बढ़ाएं कार का माइलेज, कौन से गियर में होती है ज्यादा तेल की खपत

Increase Car Mileage: If you want to increase the mileage of your car, then know here which gear consumes more oil.

Car Care Tips: Increase the mileage of the car in this way, will not affect the pocket

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In the summer season, most of the people prefer to travel by their own car as compared to public transport. Then whether they have to go for a trip, go to office or college, they take their car for every work. so some people petrol-diesel Looking at the rising prices, people get very tense. There is a lot of impact on the pocket of the users for traveling by daily train. If you want that you can keep roaming in your car like this and the budget is also not affected, then you have to take care of the mileage of your car.

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The gear of the car has a lot of effect

First of all, let us tell you what is the function of gear in the car and how do they work. Apart from this, how does the gear affect the mileage. The gear work of the car transmits the power and speed of the engine to the wheels. Most vehicles have gears from 1 to 5 and a reverse gear. Reverse gear is needed only while backing the car. The speed of the car accelerates when the accelerator is given on the fifth gear. The speed on fifth gear is 60 to 80 kmph, so the vehicle gives better mileage on the highway.

Using this gear will consume more oil

The first gear consumes the most oil in the car. In first gear, the tires spin with the most power but have the least rotation. If seen in such a situation, the maximum oil consumption in the car is in the first gear. However, the system of automatic vehicles is different as compared to normal vehicles.

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