Car Refueling Tips: Be alert while filling oil in the vehicle, a small mistake will be huge


Car Refuelling Tips: गाड़ी में तेल भरवाते समय रहें चौकन्ना, छोटी सी चूक पड़ जाएगी भारी

Refueling Car: It is very important to be careful while filling petrol or diesel in the car. Both these things catch fire instantly, so there is always danger. Do follow these rules while filling oil from the petrol pump.

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Car Refuel: The biggest danger with petrol and diesel is that they catch fire immediately. At the same time, there is a complete stock of petrol and diesel at the petrol pump. you can think that Petrol pump What a very risky place. That’s why a lot of care is taken for safety at such places. You too must be going to the petrol pump to get oil filled in the car. That’s why one should always be alert at such places because safety is our first responsibility.

It is common to go to the petrol pump. If you also have a car, then we have brought some special tips for you. Whenever you get oil filled in the car, definitely follow these tips. This will help you in maintaining safety. Let us see some such tips which give you safety at the petrol pump.

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engine off

Whenever you put petrol or diesel in the car, stop the engine of the car immediately. Actually, when the engine is running, combustion takes place in the engine and its components. This means that the spark of the fire keeps burning. To avoid any trouble it is better to switch off the engine of the car.

move away from the fire

There are tons of fuel at the petrol pump, which can catch fire immediately. Even a small spark can put everyone in trouble. That’s why don’t take anything to the petrol pump that can catch fire. Never use a lighter, match or magnifying glass.

switch off mobile phone

It has been proved that mobile phones emit radiation up to some level. In the summer season, there is a danger of explosion when the phone gets heated. If there is an incident of phone explosion, then it can take a lot in its wrap. That’s why it is better to keep the phone switched off at the petrol pump.

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