Car Tips: Do not make this mistake while driving an automatic car, there may be huge losses


Car Tips: ऑटोमैटिक कार चलाते समय न करें ये गलती, हो सकता है भारी नुकसान

Automatic Car Tips: If you do not make these mistakes while driving an automatic car, then your journey will become more fun.

Car Tips: Do not make this mistake while driving an automatic car, there may be huge losses

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If you have an automatic car then keep these things in mind. Driving an automatic car is much easier than a normal car. The automatic car copes with you better in the traffic on the road i.e. it removes the problem of intermittent driving. an automatic car dual-pedal technology features Comes with so that the driver does not have to worry about pressing the clutch and changing gears continuously. Here we will tell you which mistakes should not be made while driving an automatic vehicle.

In automatic vehicles, the transmission technology automatically changes the gear ratio without the hassle of doing it manually. This allows an internal combustion engine to deliver the same speed and torque output to the vehicle. There are three types of automatic transmission technology available in modern cars – CVT, AMT and dual-clutch automated manual.

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use handbrake and park mode

Always keep the gear shifter in park mode while parking the vehicle. Apply handbrake when the vehicle is stationary. Non-use of the hand brake puts a lot of pressure on the transmission mechanism of the vehicle. On the other hand, when the handbrake is not working properly, the park mode prevents the vehicle from going forward or backward. In case of AMT vehicles, put the shifter in neutral mode and apply the handbrake, these vehicles do not come with park mode.

Do not shift to neutral while driving

Never shift to neutral when the automatic car is running. Shifting to neutral while the car is moving will increase the chances of wear and tear on the transmission system.

Do not use left foot while driving a car

Automatic vehicles come with only two pedals except the clutch. This means that you do not need to use the left leg. Many people make the mistake of using both feet while driving an automatic car, just like a manual model. This becomes the reason for accidentally applying sharp brakes at a time. In such a situation, the control of the vehicle will be lost.

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