Car Tips: Take care of the paint of your favorite car in this way, always follow the tips for new


Car Tips: अपनी फेवरेट कार के पेंट का ऐसे रखें ध्यान, हमेशा रहे नई के लिए फॉलो करें टिप्स

Car Tips: If you want your car to always be like new, then take care of the maintenance of your car and follow these tips.

Car Tips: Take care of the paint of your favorite car in this way, it will always be new

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The car is kept very carefully in every household. But still sometimes something happens that the car starts looking old very quickly. In such a situation, if you want your car to always remain like new, then take care of the maintenance of your car. In addition if car paint Follow these tips to avoid spoilage. Washing the car at home depends on the area you live in. In such a situation, if you live in an AC area where there is a lot of dust, then wash your car daily.

If you are unable to do this, then wash the car two to three times a week with water and once a week with shampoo. If salt water comes in your area then it can leave marks on your car. In such a situation, it becomes even more important to keep the maintenance of the car.

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Use these things for car washing

Use a good car shampoo to wash the car. The car should not be left to dry in direct sunlight. Apart from this, you should use a wet towel, wet cloth and a buff towel in the washcloth. All these cloths need to have the right microfibre, it will save your paint.

Apply protective coating on car paint

There are three coating products available in the market for the protection of your car paint, Teflon, Ceramic and Graphene. Ceramic is more durable as compared to Teflon which is a thinner layer. Ceramic is a one-micron coating. Prices vary from Rs 5,000 for Teflon coating to Rs 25,000 plus for high-end graphene coating depending on the make and model of the car.

park the car covered

If there is no car parking facility in your house and you park your car in any open space on the street, then keep in mind that park the car only by wearing a cover. In this case, this cover protects your car from sunlight, mud and scratches. You can buy car cover both online and offline.

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