Car Tips: These 4 bad habits can be heavy in your manual car, if you do not take care then there will be loss


Car Tips: मैनुअल कार में भारी पड़ सकती हैं आपकी ये 4 बुरी आदतें, नहीं रखा ध्यान तो होगा नुकसान

Car Tips: These 4 bad habits can be a huge burden in your manual car, if not taken care of, it will cause damage (Photo: Unsplash)

Driving a manual car can be a fun experience but it requires a lot of skill and concentration power. For your safety and the long life of your vehicle, you should avoid doing certain things while driving a manual car. Here we will tell you that manual transmission What mistakes should you avoid making in a car with After this, your driving experience will become even better and the life of your car will also increase.

If you keep your hand on the gear stick all the time, then it can cause transmission damage and its cost can be very expensive. The gear stick should be touched only when you are changing gears. Keep both your hands on the steering wheel and avoid placing your hands on the gear stick.

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use the clutch pedal carefully

Sometimes keeping your foot on the clutch pedal all the time while driving the car can also be harmful. It can also cause the clutch to overheat and wear faster. So always remember to release the clutch pedal completely after changing gears.

don’t downshift on the brakes

Downshifting to brake, also called engine braking, can be a useful technique in some tricky situations. However, regular braking techniques should not be used as it can damage the transmission and clutch. Instead, use the brake pedal to slow down and stop the car.

over-revving a stationary car

Over-revving the engine means revving it way too high at the redline. Many cars come equipped with a sportier exhaust and you might be tempted to rev your car higher so that such a car while driving can make sounds that please you. But keep in mind that revving your car can damage the engine and its components and cost you dearly.

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