Car Tips: What is the right way to apply handbrake? not many people know


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What is the correct way to apply handbrake? Not many people know (Photo: Freepik)

To travel with your car, you should know the right way to drive the car, traffic rules and brake curve and how to apply it. It is often seen that people when and where to handbrake They do not have the right information to use, due to which they also suffer losses. Many times people use the handbrake while parking their vehicle. Let us tell you that you should avoid applying handbrake while parking the vehicle.

Now you must be thinking that if you park the car for a long time, then you should park it only after applying the handbrake, so that the car cannot move from its place. According to this, it is beneficial, then what is it that one should avoid applying handbrake while parking. Do not think much, here we will tell you why you should not apply handbrake while parking the car and when it should be used.

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How does applying the handbrake cause problems?

When you leave the handbrake on while parking your vehicle, the brake pads get stuck to the drum due to which they are not able to recover again. Because of this, you need to get these pads changed, in which case you may have to face huge expenses.

Due to prolonged use of the handbrake, the engine of the car starts overheating, which damages the pistons and rings. If there is any problem with the piston and rings, then you may suffer huge losses, which also affects your budget.

The handbrake is engaged and when you are driving, there is pressure on the tires of the vehicle. Because of which the tires start wearing out and the performance of the vehicle starts deteriorating.

how to apply handbrake

To release the handbrake, you have to press the button on the lever. After this it has to be done downwards and the hand has to be removed from the button. If you have an electronic parking brake, you have to push the button down and press the handbrake button.

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