Car Tips: Wrapping cow dung in the car will not heat up, will reverse big loss


Car Tips: कार में गोबर लपेटने से नहीं जाएगी गर्मी, उल्टा हो जाएगा बड़ा नुकसान

Cow Dung on Car Risks: Some people are using cow dung to keep the car cool. However, doing so can cause you a dangerous disease. Let us see how much damage can be caused by applying a layer of cow dung on the car.

Hyundai i20 covered in cow dung.

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There is no dearth of jugadu people in India. When summer comes, everyone makes arrangements to avoid the scorching sun and heat. However, some people go a step ahead and do something that just makes them talk. Something similar can be said about cars covered with cow dung these days. There have been many reports in which car owners Has wrapped his car with cow dung. Car owners claim that by doing this the car remains cool from inside.

Although wrapping the exterior of the car with cow dung cools the car, science has not yet proved this. It has not been revealed in any study or research that cow dung keeps the car cool. But you will definitely be surprised to know that due to cow dung, you can become a victim of a dangerous disease. Today we are telling you many big disadvantages of applying cow dung on the car.

Big disadvantages of applying cow dung on the car

  1. Temperature Increase: When the interior gets very hot, it emits radiation. The temperature inside the car keeps on rising due to non-exit of radiation. That’s why there is no use of offering cow dung on the outer part of the car i.e. metal, because the heat increases through the mirrors of the car.
  2. Insulation: Car companies themselves provide many features to protect you from extreme heat and cold. Keeps car cool with insulation. The exterior of the car gets very hot in summer. Especially the roof gets very hot, but if you touch the roof from inside the car, it will not feel so hot.
  3. Car Paint: Wrapping cow dung on the car has a bad effect on the paint of the car. Apart from this crack can also come. If you want to save the paint of the car, then leave the intention of cow dung completely.
  4. Mileage: When many layers of cow dung are offered on the car, then the weight of the car also increases. Due to this, there is a lot of pressure on the engine and in turn the mileage of the car gets reduced.
  5. Damage to Car Parts: Dung on the car can damage the parts. Knowing a piece of cow dung in the engine or other parts of the car can also damage the car.
  6. Accident: If a piece of cow dung breaks off from a car moving at high speed, it will have to be paid for. Apart from this, insurance companies can also hesitate on making a claim.
  7. Fire accident: In India cow dung is used to make cow dung cakes. Especially in the villages and countryside, food is cooked by burning cow dung cakes. That is, it is a fuel that catches fire fast. If there is cow dung on the car, there will always be a danger of fire.
  8. Tetanus Disease: The biggest problem with cow dung is that it can cause dangerous diseases to you. Yes, soil, cow dung etc. increases the risk of tetanus. If you have a slight injury and you get touched by cow dung then tetanus can occur. This can also cause danger to life.

Now you have seen how dangerous it can be to apply cow dung on the car. Therefore, for the safety of yourself and your family, you should avoid using things like cow dung. People are advised to use the car as provided by the car companies.

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