Car Troubles: 5 Signs Your Car Is on Its Last Legs

Did you know that the average lifespan of a car is around 12 years? Although many vehicles can last much longer than this when taken care of, it is good to have an idea of when you might need to think about a new car.

Have you ever wondered what car troubles to look for to see if your car is on its last legs? Here are the top five signs of a broken car that could lead to engine failure or something much worse.

1. Transmission Issues

Transmission problems are one of the most expensive problems to fix for any car repair. If you have transmission failure, then you should check with your manufacturer to see if you have a warranty for a free replacement. Otherwise, the cost of the transmission repair on an older vehicle might make it worth it to simply buy a new one, rather than continue to drive a broken car.

2. Using Too Much Oil

Have you noticed an increase in trips to the gas station? If your car starts guzzling fuel, then it is a huge sign that you have car problems. Not only will it cost a lot to fix the broken car, but until you can get the repair, you will pay much more for gas as a result.

3. You Keep Replacing Parts

Do you find yourself constantly having to visit the mechanic or the auto supply store? If your car keeps eating through parts or pops up with more problems, then it may be time to simply get a new car. The cost of those parts definitely adds up, so you may actually save money scrapping your car and getting a replacement.

4. Too Many Little Problems

You do not have to have a blowout problem like an engine failure to know your car is ready to die. In fact, if you have a series of small issues, your car may be working hard to keep itself running.

5. You Feel Unsafe Driving

The final straw for whether you should get rid of your car is if you feel unsafe while driving your vehicle. No one should fear a fatal car accident while on the road, especially due to engine issues and other car problems.

To get your car off the road quickly, try contacting a company that will scrap your car. They pay for junkers to come to pick up your vehicle and usually give you a cash offer for the scrap metal.

Fix Your Car Troubles Today

If you keep having car troubles, you should not have to worry about whether or not your vehicle will break down at the worst time. With this list of car problems, you can diagnose the problem and decide if it may be time to get a new vehicle to replace your broken car.

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