Car Washing Tips: To save money, do car wash at home, this is the easy way


Car Washing Tips: पैसे बचाने के लिए घर पर करें कार वॉश, ये है आसान तरीका

Car Wash Tips: To save money, do car wash at home, this is the easy way (Photo: Unspalsh)

People take care of their vehicle more than themselves. Apart from taking it for servicing from time to time, he also likes to get the car cleaned outside. After getting all these done in the car, it costs thousands of rupees. but if you want vehicle maintenance If you save thousands of expenses then follow these tips. After this, you reduce the expenditure on maintenance of your vehicle by half.

To save the cost of maintenance of the vehicle, you can wash your vehicle at home, for this you do not even need to go anywhere. You just need to know the right way to wash the vehicle. For this, today we will tell you how the car can be washed at home.

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use shampoo

It is beneficial to use shampoo as compared to surf to wash the car. By cleaning the car with shampoo, your car will start shining like before. For this, you have to mix some shampoo in water and wash the car. Wash your car. Wipe the car with a cotton cloth to dry it.

Use news paper to clean mirrors

You should use news paper to clean the glass of the car, due to which the glass of the car starts shining. Use a wet news paper and dry news paper. Clean the car glass with dry paper.

clean the car from inside

If you clean your car from both inside and outside then your car will look like new. For this, do not forget to clean the car seat, legspace, steering, dashboard and air conditioner. For this, use a dry cotton cloth and remove the accumulated dust from every part of the vehicle. Note that while washing the car, park the car in the shade, parking the car in the sun causes a lot of damage.

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