Cars with normal registration number plates run indiscriminately in every state, then why is BH series needed


हर स्टेट में धड़ल्ले से चलती हैं नॉर्मल रजिस्ट्रेशन नंबर प्लेट वाली कारें, फिर क्यों है BH सीरीज की जरूरत

BH series number plate.Image Credit source: File Photo

Are you planning to shift to another state? No matter where you live, but if you have a car, bike or any other vehicle, then this news will be very useful for you. Yes, if you shift from one state to another, there is a special government rule for the number plate of your vehicle. Vehicle owners living in other states instead of their own state BH Series Can buy number plates. But when the vehicles of one state are running indiscriminately in another state, then what is the need to buy BH series number plates.

First of all, tell that common people cannot buy BH series number plates. According to the rules, only government employees can buy BH series. Apart from this, employees of private companies can also use this number plate. But the company should have an office in at least four states or union territories.

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Will the vehicle of one state run in another state?

It is often seen that people start living in other states due to work. People also drive their vehicles in the state where they have shifted. You must be wondering what is new in this. It is common to drive a vehicle of one state in another state. However, people have a big misconception about this. To avoid this, the government has brought the concept of BH registration number plate.

Re-registration will have to be done in one year

Under the Motor Vehicle Act, the vehicle can be driven without any changes for only 12 months after shifting to another state. It is necessary to re-register the vehicle within 12 months of shifting to another state. However, if you take BH series number plate, then you will not have to do registration again when you go to every other state.

Bh Series Number Plate Morth

BH series number plate. (Credit: MoRTH)

Ease from BH Series

BH series is a great option for those who keep on transferring. Suppose your car is registered in Uttar Pradesh and now you have shifted to Delhi in connection with the job. In this case you can use Uttar Pradesh number plate only for 12 months. After this the car will have to be re-registered in Delhi RTO. For this you have to take NOC from the concerned RTO of Uttar Pradesh.

However, now you can drive anywhere in the country directly using the BH series number plate. There will be no problem while shifting from one state to another. You can apply for BH series number plates through the online process. For this you have to go to the official website of the transport.

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