Cartoon Crazy and 7 best alternatives for cartoon lovers

Cartoon Crazy and 7 best alternatives for cartoon lovers

One of the best Amazing platform for watching cartoon is Cartoon Crazy. When it comes to watching cartoons, everyone counting down from adults, lads to kids have peeked into cartoons. Age is just like another irrelevant point to mark on when it comes to watching cartoons.

In consonance with the increasing COVID-19 pandemic, it has become very necessary that everyone stays back in their homes with their family because your health is all you owe to yourself and your loved ones. Therefore to keep yourselves engaged inside your home, binging with cartoons, anime web series and anime movies would be a fun alternative to move forward with.

There are hundreds of websites, proxy websites and hyperlinks available on the internet that will take you through the amazing world of cartoons and anime. These websites are all free to binge on with your favourite cartoons and anime. One such website is cartoon crazy. This website can keep your kid lost in the cartoon world with its colourful collection of cartoons. It provides you with the variety of most recent to previous cartoon movies and anime films.

Cartoon crazy being one of the most visited sites for streaming and downloading your Favourite, it’s also free.

What is cartoon crazy?

Unlike other websites like Gogoanime, 9anime, cartoon crazy is one of those websites which provides you with unlimited free content available in many pictures quality with subtitles. The site has download links for a wide range of genres of cartoons. It is very easy to navigate the website with no confusion because of its clarified interface. It’s very simple to operate on and even kids can deal with it.

On the home page of the website, there displays a line categorizing cartoon list, cartoon crazy dubbed and preferred genre. The website has an amazing content list.

Below the categorising line one can see on the left side of the page many articles listed one of which is newly uploaded. Anime web series, games, shows, videos, animation series, latest episodes. Whereas in the right side of the page you can find the trending list of anime and cartoons.

Cartoon crazy has not taken any authorization from websites, online binging sites, TV channels and some applications, to publish their content on the cartoon crazy interface. Therefore, the website is violating the anti-piracy rules. This is the reason why it has been currently banned in India and has been declared an illegal website. But we can’t ignore the popularity of cartoon crazy and the type of freed content it provides through its website. So many domain names are used to continue the unbreakable circulation of illegal content the. A domain name is a substitute name for a website which helps in changing the IP ( Internet Protocol) over browsing on the internet. Presently, a domain name of cartooncrazy net is used.

Reasons to avoid downloading from cartoon crazy

As mentioned above the website steals content from the original owner’s site therefore it’s clarified as a pirated site. Many countries have developed strict rules for piracy. Piracy is believed to be cybercrime and anyone involved in doing so or utilizing its resource will further be exposed to some kind of harsh punishment.

The website provides continuous free content. Many users pay for watching movies a and cartoons which cartoon crazy provides it’s users for free. Doing this is not just and is also illegal. The website uses it’s users data to illegally benefit and earn for itself.

It employs third party advertisement all over it’s site. These ads contain corrupted files and documents, viruses, malware, junk resources, spam folders and adware. These are not good for your device. These many contain phishing links that can steal and harm your data. Some of them can also infect your device with viruses making it not useable for further times. These ads are very vibrant and once you tap on them, they can cause defects to your device.

It is suggested that one may use legal and paid platforms to watch the content of cartoons and anime to escape from any legal action.

How to download and watch cartoons on Cartoon crazy?

It is very simple to download cartoons from cartoon crazy only the thing to be noted is to be careful of phishing ads. Nevertheless, being a illegal site it provides us with amazing content collection which can keep ourselves busy the whole day. The issues for this website is solely getting serious therefore the site uses many hyperlinks to further serve it’s users. Hyperlinks are referred to as link or web link which are in the form of some icon, graphic or text which takes you to the main website. So, if one wishes to watch free content on cartoon crazy then these hyperlinks can help you navigate to the main website.

It’s always advised to watch shows, videos, songs and cartoons from the official website and legally paying for utilising it’s resources because the one uploading pirated content and the one downloading it, both are punishable under the legislation. So, binging from the official site or application will not only keep you safe but keeps your device protected from the malware these pirated sites provide you with.

Websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Crunchyroll and applications like YouTube can provide you with your favourite latest cartoons and anime. These are all legal platforms and one need to pay for its subscription to continue watching on these platforms. The subscription may be monthly or yearly depending on the platform you prefer to binge on. These official sites provide you to stream and download safe and continuous content without any phishing ads.

Alternative legal sites of cartoon crazy

  1. YouTube:

It’s is a frequently used application with very affordable data costs. It is found in almost every smartphone and pc. It’s runs very smooth and has very easily understandable navigation buttons which makes it very easy to use.

To binge shows on it is very simple. Many of the shows you would like to watch are freely available on you tube. You can watch them without paying a single penny. Some videos and web series even have the download option which makes you have fun with your favourite shows offline also. Though viewing some contents on YouTube may cost you are ask for some premium subscription. One can pay for them and binge very safely and legally.

If you wish to watch either Hollywood or Bollywood movies then YouTube is the very right option which can provide you with many free movies.

TV channels like HBO and Star world can be purchased at very minimum cost depending on your dish connection. These channels also provide you with amazing content.

  1. Single TV

It is a TV channel meant for quality English content only. One can buy a subscription for it and binge on unlimited trending and popular content. Though this channel is only limited to US countries.

  1. Netflix

Netflix has recently grown to a very successful OTT platform. Successful production houses are launching their movies, web series, , cartoons videos music plays and trailers through Netflix. Therefore, Netflix has continually been improving it’s library and genre. If one wishes to watch old Hollywood movies then Netflix would surely be a proven banging option for it. It has a collection of Hollywood web series, TV shows and movies.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is an amazing programme. It is available with all kinds of English content like cartoons, web series sorts, short videos, music videos, movies, tv shows. This programme is basically for people interested in British TV and American TV. A programme made for the general folk. Though it’s a paid programme.

Best alternatives of Cartoon Crazy –

  1. Kissanime, best alternative of cartoon crazy

Website URL:

It’s a free website for downloading and streaming anime movies and cartoons. It provides a huge collection of hot, popular recent, trending, new and previous addition of videos. The most amazing part of this website is that one can request for his/her favourite anime movie or cartoon which is currently unavailable on the site. You can binge on movies without singing in to the website as it’s all free of cost though illegal and pirated. Videos from the quality ranging from 240p to 1080p can be streamed and downloaded from the website.

Some ongoing series on Kissanime are as follows: Beyblade Burst user King, Listeners (Dubbed), Alchemist, Bungou and many more. It has a normal black green coloured home page and is a very good substitute for cartoon crazy.

  1. Kisscartoon – one of famous cartoon crazy alternative 

Website URL :

This site has quick access without any form of registration. It will allow you to watch free online anime web series in full HD quality. This website has a wide library so one cannot be bored of watching anime in this particular website being so popular. It offers you anime from various niches which in turn gives a very good user experience.

The website is well customized with a black orange interface being user friendly

  1. Movie4u

Website URL:

This website is a really user-friendly one as it allows you to watch anime online without any popups, break or any type of phishing ads. It provides the user with will customization of the app. The genre is well labelled with correct IMDb ratings and a short overview story of the movie or we series, which will aid you have a short perception about the movie you would be going to watch.

  1. Gogo anime

Website URL:

It is a superfast and smooth website. It is also available in application form which is easily downloadable with low data charges but due to circulating pirated content it has been banned in several countries. So one can enjoy with the website itself. It has many anime movie and cartoons in had quality. Though one should be aware of the ads and popups. This website is available everywhere so you don’t need to connect to any type of virtual private network to binge on this site.

You can get here almost all the favourite kids shows, anime movies and websites, animation and games also. It has a variety of genre added to its interface.

The best thing about it is that it is being frequently updated with new anime movies.

  1. 9anime

Website URL:

The free website is perfect for binging dubbed anime web series. One can watch HD movies for free.

The best part about this website is that one can create an account of his/her own on the website and can continually watch web series and anime movies online without ads and pop-ups

  1. Anime Toon

Website URL:

It is a very popular website and has many animated cartoons and web series. The website has a wide genre of anime like adventure, sports, horror, comedy, romcom, animation, music and many more. The website also has dubbed and content with subtitles. It has hundreds of shows and animation.

  1. WatchFree

Website URL:

The library is frequently updated which gives you a boost up of regular movies and web series. It has always the best collection of genre for its users. The interface is very easy to operate with easy navigation. Though there are various ads and popups visible on this site.


This article does not promote any type of website or content. It is a general article written down to inform the public on various pirates websites available on the internet. Though these sites are illegal but are free so they are very popular worldwide. One can find both positive and negative reviews regarding these websites. Now it depends on the user what it wants to make use of.

Installing ad blockers and using VPN can help one operating these websites safely.