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Shocking! शख्स ने मारा ऐसा बैकफ्लिप, जमीन पर आते ही टूट गई पैर की हड्डी; देखिए चौंका देने वाला वीडियो

Shocking! The person hit such a backflip, the leg bone was broken as soon as he came to the ground; watch shocking video


Backflip Video: In the process of hitting backflip, the person broke the bone of his leg. This startling video has ...

VIRAL: काली साड़ी पहनकर लड़की ने

VIRAL: Wearing a black saree, the girl did a tremendous dance on ‘Halkat Jawani’, danced like this, you will forget Kareena’s moves


Dance Viral Video: In today’s time social media has become such a platform. Which people use to show their talent, ...

MI vs KKR: अय्यर की पारी के बावजूद कोलकाता का डिब्बा हुआ गोल, मुंबई ने बजाया ढोल, फैंस बोले- सूर्या दादा मजा आ गया

MI vs KKR: Despite Iyer’s innings, Kolkata scored a goal, Mumbai played drums, fans said – Surya Dada enjoyed


The 22nd match of IPL 2023 was played between Mumbai and Kolkata. In this match, the Mumbai team defeated Kolkata ...

Viral: दुल्हन के सामने दोस्तों ने यूं उड़ाई दूल्हे की खिल्ली, लोग बोले- कुछ ज्यादा हो गया

Viral: Friends mocked the groom in front of the bride, people said – it’s too much


Jaimala Video: A video of Jaimala has gone viral on social media, in which friends make fun of the groom ...

बच्चे संग भीग रही थी महिला सामने से आकर शख्स ने दिखाई इंसानियत, लोग बोले- यही होते हैं संस्कार

The woman was getting wet with the child, the person came in front and showed humanity, people said – these are the rituals


These days a heart touching video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In which a man gives his umbrella ...

IPL 2023: हेटमायर की हिट के आगे फेल हुए गुजरात के गेंदबाज, मीम्स शेयर कर यूजर्स ने दिए गजब के रिएक्शन

IPL 2023: Gujarat bowler failed in front of Hetmyer’s hit, users gave amazing reactions by sharing memes


In the 23rd match of IPL 2023, Shimron Hetmyer played an amazing inning for Rajasthan and stayed on the field ...


VIDEO: The girl did such a killer dance on the song ‘Kanta Laga’, users became fans on seeing it


Dance Video: In today’s time, social media has become such a platform in today’s era. Where people are showing their ...

Viral: गलती से शादी के कार्ड पर छप गई ऐसी बात, सोच में पड़े लोग

Viral: By mistake such a thing was printed on the wedding card, people thinking ‘to go or not to go’


Funny Wedding Card: Anyone will be left laughing after seeing such a funny wedding card. Actually, only one word has ...

Viral Video: ये महिला तो ब्रूस ली निकली! लड़कों को ऐसा धुना कि याद आ गई नानी

Viral Video: This woman turned out to be Bruce Lee! The boys were so beaten that they remembered their grandmother


Female Bruce Lee: The video of a waitress fiercely thrashing two boys inside a restaurant is going viral. Now seeing ...

Viral: शैंपू से बना दी भगवान शिव की तस्वीर, वीडियो देख मंत्रमुग्ध हुई जनता

Viral: Lord Shiva’s picture made from shampoo, people were mesmerized after watching the video


Portrait Of Lord Shive With Shampoo: Yes, you have read it right. An artist has made a picture of Lord ...