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DC vs KKR: वॉर्नर का वार दिल्ली ने चखा जीत का स्वाद, फैंस बोले-

DC vs KKR: Warner’s attack Delhi tasted victory, fans said- ‘The score was low but KKR spinners had power’


After five consecutive defeats, Delhi finally tasted its first win in IPL 2023. The victory is very important for Delhi ...

#RCBvsPBKS: बैंगलोर के चैलेंजर्स ने पंजाब के

#RCBvsPBKS: Challengers of Bangalore beat the ‘Kings’ of Punjab, these smoky memes went viral on social media


RCB registered their third win by defeating PBKS at their home ground. This victory was special for RCB in many ...

RCB VS PBKS: सिराज की धार के आगे पंजाब हुआ लाचार, बैंगलोर वाले बोले-

RCB VS PBKS: Punjab became helpless in front of Siraj’s edge, Bangalore people said – ‘Why didn’t you shake…’


The 27th match of IPL 2023 was played between Punjab Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore. In this match, Siraj kept ...

VIDEO: मिठाई खिलाने को लेकर भिड़े दूल्हा और दुल्हन, अचानक स्टेज बना

VIDEO: The bride and groom clashed over feeding sweets, suddenly the stage became ‘Jung Ka Akhada’


For any person, marriage is the most important event in his life. What nothing do people do to make it ...

Viral: लड़के का स्टंट देख सहम गई पब्लिक, वीडियो पर आने लगे ऐसे कमेंट

Viral: The public was horrified to see the boy’s stunt, such comments started appearing on the video


Stunt Video: Most of the users are shocked to see the stunt video of the boy. Many people are surprised ...

Viral: महिला ने सड़क पर किया कुछ ऐसा, देख पब्लिक बोली- आंटी की तो मूर्ति बननी चाहिए

Viral: The woman did something like this on the road, seeing the public said – Aunty’s statue should be made


Funny Video: In this video clip of a few seconds, whatever a woman does, you will be shocked to see ...

Viral: जादूगर ने खरगोश को जिंदा निगला! लोग आंखों पर नहीं कर पा रहे यकीन

Viral: The magician swallowed the rabbit alive! people can’t believe their eyes


Magic Trick: This video of magic trick is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Whoever saw this video, he is ...

घोड़े पर सवार होकर आया लुटेरा, महिला का बैग छीनकर चलता बना; वीडियो वायरल

The robber came riding on a horse, snatched the woman’s bag and walked away; video viral


Thief Video: You must not have seen such a unique style of a robber. The robber came riding on a ...

VIDEO: बिजली की रफ्तार से पैसे गिनती दिखी महिला, लोग बोले- ये तो मेरे इंटरनेट से भी फास्ट है

VIDEO: Woman seen counting money at lightning speed, people said – this is faster than my internet


Viral Video: You would have rarely seen such human speed of counting money. This video has been shared on the ...

RR vs LSG: लखनऊ की धीमी बैटिंग देख बौखलाए लोग, मीम्स शेयर कर बोले- अब तो कोई चमत्कार ही बचा सकता है

RR vs LSG: Seeing the slow batting of Lucknow, people got angry, shared memes and said – now only a miracle can save


IPL 2023: In the 26th match of IPL 2023, Lucknow Super Giants batted first and could score only 154 runs. ...