SHOCKING: सिर कटने के बाद अपने ही धड़ को काटने लगा सांप, वीडियो देखकर दहल जाएंगे

After cutting off the head, the snake started biting its own torso, you will be shocked to see the video


snack shocking video Image Credit source: Twitter/ @OTerrifying Nowadays most people spend their time in the world of social media ...

HEARTWARMING STORY: डिलीवरी ब्वॉय की गलती का किस्सा वायरल, लोग बोले-

The story of the delivery boy’s mistake went viral, people said – ‘Only a person with a big heart can do this’


Delivery boy’s story went viral Image credit source: Pixabay If seen in the true sense, then the world of social ...

Paan Dosa Recipe: डोसा के साथ दुकानदार ने किया ऐसा अत्याचार, लोग बोले- चरम पर है कलियुग

The shopkeeper did such atrocity with dosa, people said – Kali Yuga is at its peak


Pan wala dosa now in the marketImage Credit source: Twitter/@happyfeet_286 Dosa Recipe Video: Buckle up your seat belts because the ...

Groom Dance Video: ये क्या, दुल्हन को छोड़ सासू मां संग दूल्हा लचकाने लगा कमरिया, देखें वीडियो

What is happening brother, leaving the bride, the groom started flirting with his mother-in-law, see video


The groom danced with his mother-in-lawImage Credit source: Instagram/@bridal_lehenga_designn Desi Groom Dance Videos: The season of weddings is going on ...

The girl posed with a cobra like this, people were stunned to see the unique pre-wedding photoshoot


Girl-boy and cobra, unique pre-wedding photoshoot surprised peopleImage Credit source: Twitter/@oyevivekk Pre-Wedding Photoshoot With Snake: Along with time, there has ...

ऑटो वाले भैया ने कर दिया कमाल, गाड़ी में ही लगवा लिया कूलर-VIDEO

The auto driver did a great job, got the cooler installed in the car itself-VIDEO


Have you ever seen such a miracle of auto driver? The ever-increasing heat has troubled the people. Although it has ...

Myth: बिल्ली अगर घर में मल त्याग दे तो होती है अनहोनी! कितनी सच है ये बात?

If the cat passes stool in the house, then untoward things happen! How true is this?


Representational photo (Pixabay) Cat Myth: Cats are found everywhere and people all over the world like to pet them. They ...

गर्मी से बचने का ऐसा जुगाड़ नहीं देखा होगा! वीडियो देखते ही लोगों की छूट गई हंसी

You would not have seen such a trick to escape the heat! People stopped laughing after watching the video


You would not have seen such a trick to escape the heat! Desi Jugaad Video: Every year the heat is ...

VIDEO: ट्रैफिक जाम में फंसे बस ड्राइवर ने किया ऐसा काम, लोग बोले- ये है समय का सदुपयोग

The bus driver stuck in the traffic jam did such a thing, people said – this is a good use of time


Bus driver stuck in traffic jam did such a thing Traffic Jam Bengaluru: There was a time when only a ...

Old Man Riding Slide Video: वाटर स्लाइड देख सिख बुजुर्ग भी बन गए बच्चे, रिएक्शन ने जीता दिल

Seeing the water slide, Sikh elders also became children, reaction won hearts


Viral video of old man having funImage Credit source: Twitter/@Hatindersinghr3 Old Sikh Man Viral Video: A video of two Sikh ...