अजगर को Kiss कर रही थी

‘Didi’ was kissing the python, then you will get goosebumps seeing what the snake did


The girl was forced to kiss the snakeImage Credit source: Twitter/@cctvidiots On hearing the name of snake, the soul of ...

Shocking! स्टंट दिखाने के चक्कर में सिर के बल गिरा शख्स, वीडियो देख सहम गई पब्लिक

The person fell on his head while showing the stunt, the public was horrified to see the video


Public got scared after watching stunt videoImage Credit source: Instagram/@parkour_tribe Dangerous Stunt Video: Every day some video related to the ...

Viral Video: महिला ने किया इतना मेकअप कि पहचान नहीं पाया बच्चा, लगा रोने, पब्लिक बोली- ये मुंह धुलवाकर ही मानेगा

Viral Video: The woman did so much make-up that the child could not be recognized, started crying, the public said – it will agree only after washing its face


Child could not recognize mother in make-upImage Credit source: Instagram/@visagesalon1 A mother-son video has gone viral on social media, seeing ...

नूडल्स खाने के बाद पता चला अंदर गिरा था मेंढक, वीडियो देखते ही आ जाएगी उल्टी!

After eating noodles, it was found that a frog had fallen inside, you will vomit after watching the video!


Frog found in noodles There are some people in the world who are so fond of food and drink that ...

Myth: क्या सच में इच्छाधारी सांप बदल सकते हैं अपना रूप? जान लीजिए सच्चाई

Can wishful snakes really change their form? know the truth


Representational photo (Pixabay) Snake Myth: Snakes are one of the most dangerous creatures of this world. That’s why people prefer ...

कार चलाते हुए शख्स ने गुनगुनाया आतिफ असलम का गाना, आवाज ने जीत लिया दिल

Man hums Atif Aslam’s song while driving, the voice wins his heart


Man sings Atif Aslam’s song while driving Singing Video: Some things are such that they give a lot of peace ...

शख्स ने फटाफट खा लिए मिर्ची वाले गोलगप्पे, देखते ही छूट जाएंगे पसीने-VIDEO

The person quickly ate chilli golgappas, will be left sweating


The person quickly ate chilli golgappas there was a time when fast food Only samosas and pakoras were available in ...

Viral Video: नाले के पास खड़ा था शख्स, चुपके से आया सांड, कर गया ये कांड

The man was standing near the drain, the bull came secretly, did this incident


bull attack video viralImage Credit source: Facebook/@ZimDaily Bull Attack Video: It would not be wrong to say that the bull ...

IPL Final Memes: स्पंज से पिच सुखाने पर भड़के फैन्स, मीम्स की बौछार कर BCCI से किया ये सवाल

Fans furious over drying the pitch with a sponge, showered memes and asked this question to BCCI


Stadium staff drying the wet pitch with a spongeImage Credit source: Twitter/@Iqbalomania Stadium Staff Uses Sponge To Dry Wet Pitch: ...

Viral Video: मंच पर ही दूल्हा-दुल्हन में हो गई भयंकर लड़ाई, मारे चांटे ही चांटे; लोग बोले- पूरे 36 के 36 गुण मिल गए

Viral Video: There was a fierce fight between the bride and groom on the stage itself, they slapped each other; People said – got 36 qualities out of 36


The bride and groom clashed on the stage itselfImage Credit source: Instagram/@bridal_lehenga_designn Bride Groom Fight Video: Be it a boy ...