Celebrate a birthday in Corona, the fastest human bolt in the world affected by Corona


BanglaHunt Desk: While people around the world are practically under house arrest for the corona virus, he got up at a birthday party. There was no social distance in the party, there was no corona ban, he danced-sang-hoi-he got up in a riot. And that is why darkness came down in his life, he fell into extreme danger. Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the fastest man in the world, was attacked by Corona. Bolt is currently in home isolation after being attacked by Corona.

Bolt had his corona examined on Saturday due to illness. The results of that test came back positive. So at present this electricity is in human home isolation. Usain Bolt himself told his fans that Corona was attacked.

Usain Bolt passed away on August 21 at the age of 34. And so he celebrated his 34th birthday. He organized a party for his birthday and danced and sang at the party all night. Bolt's acquaintances joined the party without accepting any social distance. Bolt had to face criticism from netizens for partying in such a corona atmosphere without caring about social distance. Then came the news that he had contracted the corona virus. It is learned that the corona test has started for everyone present at the party.

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