Chahal and Dhanshree spend private holidays in Maldives, viral hall intimate moments


Bengali Hunt Desk: Indian cricketers Yuzvendra Chahal and Dr Dhanashree Verma tied the knot in June last year. Since then, this celebrity pair has been in practice. There is a lot of practice in Indian cricket about this pair. After getting married, Dhanshree and Yuzbendra moved to Dubai for their honeymoon. Then Chahal got busy in the game. The Test series between India and England is currently underway. And Chahal has got a lot of time in this test series. This is the time when Chahal and Dhanshree crossed the Maldives.

The two are currently on vacation on a beach in the Maldives. That picture has already gone viral on social media. Yuzbendra Chahal shared several pictures. It is seen that the two of them are sometimes standing hand in hand on the beach, sometimes it is seen that both of them are looking at the sun and wearing shorts. Already all those pictures have taken place in the minds of the fans.


One is a national team cricketer, the other a YouTube as well as a dance choreographer. So there is a lot of fan following of the two on social media. That’s why all those pictures have gone viral on social media since the pictures were released.

By the way, Yuzbendra Chahal will be in the limited overs cricket team even if he is not in the Test squad against England. If all goes well, Chahal’s magic will be seen in the five-match T20 series against England at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad.