Chandigarh PGI was successful in the first trial, India was ahead in inventing the vaccine


BanglaHunt Desk: Corona virus from China has engulfed the whole world. Many people have died due to this. Many have been infected. India discovers corona virus vaccine This has been known from the PGI (chadigard PG) sources of Chandigarh. It is learned that 6 people were vaccinated against the corona virus. It was learned on Sunday that PGI had got success in the first trial.

Experimentally, corona-infected patients were injected with a dose of 0.3 ml. Within 3 days, the infected people started to improve. They had trouble breathing as a result of the corona infection. He is also completely healed. Besides, they recovered, said PGI.

Last week, the Central Government for Clinical Trail of Corona virus vakcine gave permission to Chandigarh PGI for this test. The Council of Science and Industrial Recharge advocates for the implementation of Mycobacterium W, but they are reluctant to give assurances that PGI will be successful. Such vaccines are effective in cases of leprosy, pneumonia and tuberculosis.

India had already started bracing for this success. Skull hopes that India will lead the world in preventing the spread of the corona virus.