Change 2000 rupee note before September 30, RBI issued instructions


30 सितंबर से पहले बदल लें 2000 रुपए का नोट, RBI ने जारी किया निर्देश

On November 8, 2016, when demonetisation was announced, the government issued a Rs 2,000 note. No one knew that RBI would start the process of taking it out of circulation in a few years. That day has finally arrived on 19 May 2023. This time, not the government, but the RBI said that everyone should deposit the Rs 2000 notes in the banks. Along with this, it has also been said that Rs 2000 legal tender will continue. By the way, RBI has also said that everyone will have to deposit their 2000 rupee note before 30 September.

RBI gave big instructions

RBI has issued instructions in this regard to all the people and banks. RBI said that all those who have Rs 2000 note should deposit it in banks before 30 September. They can go to any bank and deposit their notes. This process will start from May 23. If someone does not deposit the 2000 rupee note by 30 September, then his note will become worthless. Will not be of use in any way. It is clear that you have only time till 23rd May. After that you will have to deposit Rs 2000 note in the bank under any circumstances.

Demonetisation happened again! Now RBI issued decree on 2000 note

Deposit up to 20,000 in one go

According to the guidelines issued by RBI, 2000 rupee notes can be deposited in your bank account. If someone wants to exchange his notes in another bank, then for that also a guideline has been issued by RBI. According to RBI, any person can exchange Rs 2000 notes up to Rs 20000 at a time. After that the person will have to come again. Banks have also been told clearly to implement this process strictly. Don’t let there be any kind of panic among the common people.

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