Change the name of IslamaBAD to IslamaGOOD! The application is filed

Bangla Hunt Desk: From time to time there is news from Pakistan which is both surprising and funny. A few days ago, news came from neighboring Pakistan that a Pakistani plane had been detained by Malaysia for non-payment of debts. As soon as the Pakistan Airlines plane landed at a Malaysian airport, Malaysia took out the passengers and crew members from the plane and detained the plane. Due to this incident, Pakistan cut its nose in front of the whole world.

There were also disasters all over Pakistan after the power outage a few days ago. The Pakistanis were terrified when a sudden power outage took place in a big city of Pakistan. They thought that India might be on strike again because of the power outage. There was even extreme ridicule on social media.

And after so many things, Pakistan is in the same title again. This time the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, has begun to be strongly practiced. An online website called for the renaming of Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, to Islamagood.

Although this application was not made from Pakistan. This application was made from Bangladesh. The application was made on It was done by a man named Ahmed Abrar, a resident of Bangladesh. The petition called for renaming Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, as Islamabad. Islam is good. Pakistan and Islam complement each other. So why name IslamaBAD? ”

So far 419 people have signed this online petition of Ahmed Abrar. They all supported Ahmed’s demand. More people will sign this petition in the future as Ahmed. Everyone on the internet is expressing their views on this application.