Change these habits now to remove the ill effects of Saturn and Rahu from life


BanglaHunt Desk: Saturn (shanidev) has a bad effect on people's lives. So everyone wants to keep Shanidev satisfied at any cost. But at the same time there is a need to keep Rahu satisfied. If Shanidev and Rahu have good eyesight in a person's life, then no danger can surround that person. So there is always an attempt on how to keep Shanidev and Rahu satisfied. Here are some easy ways-

Do not leave the bed stale, wake up and start working.

Always keep the puja house and puja place clean and tidy. Then positive energy enters the home and life. No negative energy will find a place.

After returning from outside work, wash your hands and feet and go to bed clean and tidy.

When a guest comes to the house, first give him water to drink, nothing else.

Never leave sticky utensils on the table after eating.

Never knock on shoes. Mother Lakshmi was angry at this.

After bathing, never leave clothes in the bathroom, bring them with you.

Never come from outside and spread your shoes.

If there are trees in the house, never forget to water, always keep fresh to water.

If you follow these rules, you will be saved from the evil influence of Rahu and the evil eye of Saturn in life. Happiness will return to life. Laughter and joy will always be maintained in the world.