Change WHO's name to 'Cho' World Health Organization: Japan is furious

BanglaHunt Desk: Japan (Japan) was outraged against the World Health Organization. The Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Taro Aso, said Thursday that “China Health Organization (CHO) should be renamed as World Health Organization.” Because, by the hand of China, who smokes tobacco, the whole world is in crisis. ”

The Deputy Prime Minister of the country virtually shaved off Hu's chief Tedros Adham in a speech in the Japanese Parliament. He said the Tedros lacked the ability and ability to assess the coronavirus that could take the form of pandemics all over the world. The Japanese Deputy Prime Minister has even commented that there should be a demand from all over the world to remove Tedros Adham from the post of Hu-chief. In his words, everyone should submit a petition online. Taro Aso has said that already 5 lakh petitions have been submitted demanding removal of the Tedros.

The whole world can see how corona virus infection can spread like fire. The number of victims is increasing at a geometric rate. However, in the fourteenth day, China did not understand it, and Hu — the Tadros force — did not believe it — a mountain of resentment over it. Many countries, not just Japan, but the United States, including Britain, are angry over Beijing and Hu. Even recently at a meeting of the G20 state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (narendra modi) proposed reforms to the World Health Organization.

In Japan, about two and a half thousand people have been infected with coronavirus. Five people died. In the age of petitions that the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister referred to against Hu's head, it is written that Hu is not politically neutral. Otherwise, without making any inquiry, how the Tedros accepted the figures given by Adham Chin. On that day, the Japanese Deputy Prime Minister also said that Margaret Chan, a former head of the World Health Organization, had questions about responsibility. Tedros do the same.

Many people do not rely on Beijing's information about how many people have been infected and killed in the coronavirus. Even US President Donald Trump expressed skepticism yesterday.

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