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BanglaHunt Desk: Intrinsic belief, does it feel familiar to hear the name? Many may not say. But there are hardly any people who don't know Monalisa. Monalisa's real name is Antara. Bhojpuri is the 'sensation' of the film but he is actually an early Bengali girl. His popularity skyrocketed ever since Hitchcock's popular webseries 'Noon Thakurpo'. The fact that Jhumma Boudi sat in the throes of Thakurpod can only be seen in the popularity of the series.
The second season of the popular web series 'Noon Thakurpo', which began on 23 July. In the first season, Swastika Mukherjee was seen in the role of main character Uma Boudi. That series became popular. Tensions and anticipation were even greater with the second season, as usual. Monalisa came in the form of Zuma Boudi this season. He is the sensation of the Bhojpuri film industry. But he was a Bengali bride but did not work in the Bangla industry before. He set foot in the Bangla Web Series by holding Thakurpo's hands at noon. And needless to say, this season, like the first season, has grown in popularity.

Although this series is now over, its rash is still in the audience's mind. That was proven in a recent post by Hichai. Noon, Thakurpo posted some fun scenes from Season Three on their official page. They shared glimpses of the arrival of Jhumma Boudi and then a shameful dance scene. Tumul has responded to this post.

Over 5 million views have been made on the video. The number of likes has crossed 3,000. It is quite understood that Jhumma Boudi has not yet fully reconciled from Thakurpod's mind.

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