Check out the flood of trolls on social media during the premature festival of alcohol, see viral photos and videos


Banglahant Desk: “There is nothing written in the Nidan Shastra that the disease will be born by drinking alcohol. Will Bimalananda feel that I will abandon that Mahatma due to the illness of the mortal body? ” The long line at the liquor store yesterday proved how true this statement of Sadhbar Ekadashi Nimchand is in our society even today. With which politics as well as social media is becoming one practice after another.

In fact, in this terrible situation of Corona infection, the residents of Net Para did not take the long line of liquor stores well. So in this case, one frog after another has spread through social media. They are in the viral net world as soon as they are posted. Take a look at those viral pictures and videos

The third phase of lockdown started across the country today. In this third phase, special concessions have been given by the central government in the Orange, Green and Red zones. And the most common of these special discounts is the practice of allowing liquor stores to open.

Liquor stores have been opened in every state of the country since morning. And before opening the liquor store, the liquor lovers have lined up in front of the store in the morning. Although social distance is observed in many places, in most places, Deda continues to trade alcohol by pointing the finger at the government's guidelines.