Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik directs Odisha private schools to cut salaries by June


The Odisha government has decided to extend the lockdown period till April 7. It is also the first in the state. The decision has also been made in all the states of India. It has made arrangements to handle the situation.

The Odisha government has proposed a similar decision to the Center. The Corona virus, which has spread from China, has already reached death on earth. Almost all countries are now spending their days in terror. There is no way of knowing what is going on day to day and night to day.

Closed schools, colleges are multiple educational institutions. Besides, all schools, colleges and other educational institutions in Odisha have been announced to be closed till June 3. And it is said that private schools or educational institutions should not demand money or school fees. Many are now unable to work.

They are facing problems due to lack of money at home. Therefore, the government of Orissa has informed the people where to develop its prevention system together. And the number of coronas infected is jumping. Several Union Ministers, NGOs, industrialists and government agencies have contributed funds to the Prime Minister's announcement to provide financial support.

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