Children also flew with the kite! Video of the tumultuous viral accident


Bangla Hunt Desk, Viral Video: Children flew with the kite! The video of such an accident was seen in the viral video. The netizens have fallen asleep seeing that.

Many people love to fly kites. Maybe as a child many people imagined flying on a kite However, many did not think about what would happen if such a thing really happened. This time a child really flew away with a whirl.

It is known that the incident took place in Taiwan. At the kite festival there, the little child somehow became entangled with the thread of a huge orange kite. The kite flew him into the sky. He can be seen swinging with the kite in the wind. The baby was floating in the air for about 30 seconds.

The kite was made to fly in the sky. However, it was not known how the child got entangled in the thread. It is known that the kite fell to the ground after a little reading. However, the organizers caught the child before he fell to the ground.

The baby was immediately taken to the hospital by the mother and the organizers. According to hospital sources, the child was not seriously injured. He returned home with his family after suffering minor injuries to his hands and face.

Taiwan Mayor Lin Chih Chien: He has apologized for the incident. The festival has been canceled for the safety of the spectators. However, the video of this incident has gone viral. The flood of like comments has flowed.

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