China announces construction of ‘mega dam’ near Indian border, India fears natural disaster

BanglaHunt Desk: Tensions are running high again between India and China. Despite withdrawing troops from the border area, China is now playing another game. The Chinese government has stepped in to make the hydropower generation plan a reality by building a ‘mega dam’ over the Brahmaputra.

From the very beginning, New Delhi has obstructed this work of Beijing in various ways. However, the Communist Party of Tibet announced on Monday that it would begin work soon, as part of China’s five-year plan. A dispute with India over the implementation of China’s hydropower plan is set to erupt again.

In February, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muralitharan said in Parliament, “The rivers coming from China, including the Brahmaputra, have been discussed with Beijing many times at the diplomatic level. While assuring that the dam project on the Brahmaputra will not change the course of the river or even harm India, India needs to keep a close eye on China’s activities.

Experts believe that India may suffer huge losses as a result of this project of China. Water crisis is one of them. India’s idea is to generate hydroelectric power by constructing reservoirs in the high reaches of the river, which will lead to a huge water crisis in India. Which will affect agriculture. It is also feared that Harappa floods or floods may occur during the monsoon season.