China breaks friendship over Indian diplomacy, refuses to go against India at UNSC

BanglaHunt Desk: China (China) eventually showed Pakistan their true form. China also forgot the car friendship of a time. India recently issued Domosyl Law in Kashmir. Which is pierced like an arrow on Pakistan. In this situation, Pakistan goes to China for help and urges China to break the rules.

Pakistan thought China would help him. But China poured water on all hopes of Pakistan, saying it would not help Pakistan. During this time, India's diplomacy came to fruition. Most countries in the world have now spoken out against China. Because China has made a lot of money by exporting their defective medical equipment to different countries. Because of this, different countries have now spoken out against China.

But India has not yet resisted that way against China. Because China will no longer get the country to their side for their bad deeds. And if all the citizens of this country of 5 million people are united against China at this time, it would be a terrible thing for China.

Other countries are now protesting against China. But if India is silent this time, China will think India is on their side. China will want more this time, to stand by India. As a result, India can exploit that opportunity to silence Pakistan in the context of Kashmir. In this situation, India will also be able to push China from the business side. India has been able to counter China's aid with diplomatic moves. This is a great deal to India.

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