China drives its rover on the floor of Mars

China became the second country to correctly deploy a car or truck on Mars on Saturday, and the initial to do so on its inaugural stop by to the Pink World. Reuters described that the photo voltaic-driven Zhurong rover drove down the ramp of its landing capsule on to the surface area of Mars at about 10:40 AM Beijing time.

Zhurong 1st landed on Mars earlier this thirty day period and commenced its journey on Mars’ surface on Utopia Planitia, a smooth basic wherever NASA’s Viking 2 lander touched down in 1976. That’s additional than 1,200 miles from the Jezero Crater where by the US rover Perseverance touched down in February. A third rover, NASA’s Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012, was spotted by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter climbing up Mars’ Mont Mercou final month, Place Information reported.

Chinese point out media tweeted photos of Zhurong’s arrival on Mars.

Zhurong, named for the Chinese god of fireplace, has a Mars-Rover Subsurface Exploration Radar, Mars Magnetic Area Detector, and Mars Meteorology Monitor, as very well as a significant-resolution topography digicam. It will analyze Mars’ soil and environment, and look for for signals of h2o or ice beneath the planet’s area in excess of the training course of its 90-day mission.

The European Place Agency and Russia’s Roscosmos Space Corporation are preparing to jointly land a rover on Mars in 2022.