China examines missiles in Corona crisis! The battle is also done

Bangla Hunt Desk: The entire world is plagued by the coronavirus epidemic. And in this epidemic, China shows itself in front of the entire world on April 8. The Chinese Navy participates in the Realistic Maritime Operation. Just three days before that, China had practiced war in an unknown location. Because of this, the concern of the neighboring country increases. Japan and Taiwan are the worst in this war practice.

This time, China fired missiles from Yulin and Suchang warships with guided missiles in the South China Sea. A large number of bombs, missiles and guided missiles were tested from these two warships. Japan and Taiwan are located next to China's Adichin area. Now it is thought in these two countries that China does not attack them under the cover of Corona virus. Seeing this war in China, Zaman increased the number of troops on the island of Miyakojima, China.

Taiwan also alleged that China had sent them air warships. Then Taiwan's fighter jets pursued their war planes. China again sent war planes to provoke Taiwan. After watching China's work, Taiwan was forced to practice war in its territory. Now, defense experts all over the world think that Japan and Taiwan are the biggest fears that China or China will attack them without the benefit of coronation.

North Korea, on the other hand, successfully tested the SuperLarge Multiple Rocket Launcher in the dark of night on March 27, 2020. North Korea's state news media KCNA gave Reuters a photo of the test. North Korea conducts four tests in the past month to upset countries that are fighting the virus. North Korea successfully tested low-range missiles during that test.

China's state media reported the Global Times that an 8th group of the People's Liberation Army of China was at war with the tank's main tank at night. Not only that, China also allowed the export of sophisticated portable anti-tank missiles on March 25. The missile will be handed over to a foreign buyer by Wednesday, according to Global Times.

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