China fired one missile after another near the Indian border and shared the video on social media!

Bengali Hunt Desk: The border dispute between India and China is not going to end. Meanwhile, the Chinese army fired missiles on the very side of the Indian border. Missiles fired from rocket launchers shook the mountains of Ladakh. The main motive behind China's war was to put pressure on India. China's official spokesman, the Global Times, claimed that 90 percent of the weapons used in the war were new.

According to the Global Times, the practice was carried out by the PLA's Tibet Theater Command. This war practice has been done at an altitude of 4,600 meters. The Global Times released a video of this practice. The video shows the Chinese military attacking in the dark and using drones. In this video, the Chinese army is seen destroying an entire mountainous area.

Earlier on Friday, Indian External Affairs Minister S Jayashankar had said that the deployment of large numbers of Chinese troops on the border was contrary to earlier agreements. And if the two countries' armies had gathered in the area in a tense situation, what happened on the night of June 15 could happen again. Jayashankar said the practice not only affected the dialogue between the two countries, but also the 30-year-old relationship between the two countries.

“Since 1993, there have been many agreements between the two countries, all aimed at establishing peace and stability,” the foreign minister said at a virtual event at the Asia Society. The agreement covered everything from border management to troop use, but this year all of its agreements have failed.