China has been plotting to use the corona as a biological weapon since 2015.

Bangla Hunt Desk: The coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world. This year our country India has not been left out People are getting infected in Qatar every day. The death procession is increasing every day. Since the advent of the Corona around the world, questions have been raised about China’s role, along with everything else. Although there is no hard evidence, many have accused China of being behind the virus. On the one hand, as no accurate document has come to light, China has repeatedly denied the allegations. But this time the document that came out revealed many secret plans of China with “Sars Corona Virus”.

Since 2015, Chinese scientists have been planning to use the corona virus as a biological weapon. This time this information was leaked by one of the top scientists in China. The whole world is now in a frenzy over the claim of that Chinese virologist named Li-Men-Young. He recently translated some documents written in Chinese into English and tweeted. According to the document, the SARS Cove 2 virus was created in a Chinese government laboratory and Chinese military scientists have long been discussing using it as a biological tool. Not only that, this document mentions that the third world war will be fought with these biological weapons.

In 2015, when Chinese scientists are discussing this virus. Even then no one thought of using biological weapons in that way. About five years later, the Corona riots began around the world. An Australian news website claims that the gene can be modified at will. This can make the virus more deadly. No statement from China has been released since the documents were released. However, if this incident proves to be true, there is no doubt that it is very serious for the whole world.