China has seized 60 km of land in India! Rahul Gandhi claims to share information

BanglaHunt Desk: Talks will be resumed in June to end the stalemate between East Ladakh, India and China. Ahead of the talks between India and China, former Congress president Rahul Gandhi shared the report with the retired lieutenant general and wrote, “We cannot live in a world of disbelief.” Incidentally, Rahul had twice before fired at the Center along the Ladakh border.

Lt. Gen. HS Panag said China would have a hand in the talks in June. Panag added that China has already occupied about 60 sq km of Indian land in three different areas of eastern Ladakh. At the June meeting, China will try to lay down conditions for an agreement with India, which will be very difficult for India to accept. Panag further claimed that if India did not accept China's terms, they might have to fight in the border areas.

Rahul Gandhi said in a tweet that a high-level military meeting between India and China could be held on June 8 on the military uprising in East Ladakh. Rahul Gandhi further said, “Home Minister Rajnath Singh has admitted that a large number of Chinese troops have been present on the Indo-China border.” The Chinese soldier did not enter India, ”he said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, India is ready for a meeting with China on the Ladakh border. And the responsibility of this peace process and negotiation has fallen on Lieutenant General Harinder Singh. Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, commander of the 14th Corps Group, based in Leh, Ladakh.

The situation on the Ladakh border has been heated between the Indo-Chinese forces for the past one month. In the meantime, China also tried to enter India. The Union Defense Minister said that a meeting between the two countries at the level of Lieutenant General would be held on June 6 to stop the Chinese aggression. India, meanwhile, is reluctant to back down despite Chinese persuasion. Large numbers of troops have been sent from Kashmir to the Ladakh border. Nevertheless, India is committed to resolving this dispute peacefully.